• Head & Shoulders

    Head & Shoulders was inspired by David Beckham’s career defining performance against Greece in the decisive game of England’s qualifying campaign for the 2002 World Cup. During the course of the game Beckham gave a true captain’s performance. Seemingly at times he almost single-handedly dragged his weary team mates through the game, running an extraordinary 16.1k in the process. In a moment of pure sporting melo-drama he clinched victory with a trade mark free kick in the final moments.

    The language of football is littered with hackneyed phrases. However the physical superiority of Head & Shoulders’ central figure brings actuality to an old idiom that is much beloved by commentators on the national game.

    It takes as its basis a row of table footballers with one figure being significantly taller than his fellow players. The piece also gives a knowing wink to the affectionate nick name that the tabloid press bestowed upon the nation’s favourite football-ing son, as a gold leaf ball sits at the feet of the totemic figure.

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  • Head & Shoulders

    Head & Shoulders

  • Head & Shoulders - man detail

    Head & Shoulders - man detail

  • Head & Shoulders - Close Up

    Head & Shoulders - Close Up

  • Head & Shoulders - Central Figure

    Head & Shoulders - Central Figure