• Head & Shoulders

    Using as its starting point a row taken from a vintage table football game each figure was individually cast in pewter. Their early 20th century styling recalls a more innocent era for our nation’s sporting heroes. And the sheen of the figures set against the highly polished aluminium casing adds to this clean cut image. The impenetrability of the materials selected by the artist also serve to contribute to the portrayal an indefatigable, undefeatable character.

    The figure’s grand stature elevates him not only above his  team mates but also the aluminium casing that comfortably houses them. Another well worn phrase could be used to describe the image this conveys with the player being ‘brave enough to place his head above the parapet.’ When combined with the classic stylisation anyone who looks at the piece could be forgiven for having their mind drawn to that legendary game on Christmas Day 1915, in which soldiers from both sides of the trenches in World War One called an unofficial cease fire in order to meet up in No-Man’s-Land for a game of football.

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  • Head & Shoulders

    Head & Shoulders

  • Head & Shoulders - man detail

    Head & Shoulders - man detail

  • Head & Shoulders - Close Up

    Head & Shoulders - Close Up