• Mark Thurgood is a highly skilled furniture designer, model-maker, 3-D illustrator and sometime, Pop Artist based in London. Mark works with all mediums including oak and elm, aluminium and steel, Perspex and other plastics, canvas and paint, as well as copper, rubber, glass and mirror.

    “I like the surprise of combining everyday materials with salvaged woods or Perspex to raise the bar in terms of how people perceive the pieces I make. Each piece, no matter the combination of materials, should be a useful and beautiful working piece for the home.”

    Mark is an award-winning designer supported by oakbeamuk.com, the architectural salvage firm who supply him with reclaimed and antique oak, elm and limestone. You can see more of this top-level bespoke work by visiting sarahstewartsmith.com.

    If you wish to purchase or commission a piece, please contact Mark via email mark@thurgood-design.co.uk or ring him on 07947054421.



  • English Elm Bench beneath twinned distressed mirrors

    English Elm Bench beneath twinned distressed mirrors